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The Meridian School • Garden Walk • Royston • Hertfordshire • SG8 7JH

tel: 01763 242236      email: office.meridian@rsat.org.uk




Student Support

Students who have emotional, social and behavioural issues have an opportunity to receive support in house from their tutors, senior tutors and mentors. Each student in school has a member of staff who is their personal mentor and they meet regularly with this member of staff.

The school also has a number of volunteer mentors that will see a student weekly to offer emotional support.

The school has the resources to initiate CAFs (Common Assessment Forms) and be the lead professional in TAFs (Team around the family).

If a student is at risk of exclusion due to inappropriate behaviour they are referred to the inclusion team to receive emotional, social and behavioural support in the inclusion area and address the issues that are causing the problems.

Students who are getting a considerable number of behaviour points regularly are supported by the report system and the inclusion area staff.

The school offers anger management.

Some students who have emotional, social and behavioural issues extra support in the form of outside agencies who offer support and will come into to see the student on a weekly or twice weekly basis. These include:-

Outside Agencies

  • Outreach from North Herts Secondary Support Centre
  • Adash - Adolescent – Drug and Alcohol Service Hertfordshire
  • Arts/drama Therapy
  • Counselling
  • Targeted Advice Service
  • CAMHS – Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service

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