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The Meridian School • Garden Walk • Royston • Hertfordshire • SG8 7JH

tel: 01763 242236      email: office.meridian@rsat.org.uk





Meridian School is Royston’s upper school, serving the town’s eight first schools and two middle schools. Collectively the schools form the Royston Area Schools Partnership (RASP).

Science lesson A friendly, inclusive atmosphere

Meridian was awarded specialist status in Maths and Computing in 2003, and both middle schools, Greneway and Roysia, became maths and computing schools in 2008 reinforcing the strong partnership across the town.

Meridian is a forward thinking, successful and ambitious school at the centre of the community. Academically strong, with a flourishing performing arts and sporting reputation, Meridian continues to improve.

Outstanding facilities, combined with an emphasis on effective learning, quality teaching, and ethos of care, support and traditional values are at the core of the school.

It is Royston’s only upper school, and alongside eight first schools and two middle schools forms the Royston Area Schools Partnership (RASP).

In November 2011, Meridian cemented its close working relationships with Greneway and Roysia Middle Schools by creating the Royston Schools Academy Trust (www.rsat.org.uk). This innovative federation – the first in Hertfordshire – aims to offer an outstanding education to its students. Meridian has been a specialist Maths and Computing college since 2003 and both middle schools were awarded the specialism in 2008, reinforcing the strong partnership we enjoy.

Ethos and values

Meridian is ambitious, with high expectations for all students. Positive relationships are at the heart of the school and these are based on an ethos of mutual respect. The school believes in competition; with a thriving house structure. We celebrate achievement, good attendance and behaviour and expect all to work hard. Our curriculum is more traditional than in many schools – and so is our uniform. We frame all this within a setting of care and support which is exceptionally good. Meridian is a modern, forward thinking school within a traditional ethos – and with first class facilities and opportunities for its students.



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