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Revision Advice

Struggling with revision? We've put together some handy revision tips to help you get organised.

Revision timetable
Devise your own revision timetable, taking into account each subject area and allocating time for each subject proportionally. Use your smart phone calendar. Make it achievable and build in rest breaks. Find your most productive time of the day and use it.

Re-visiting information
Making time to re-visit information is essential for memory retention. For example, review your learning after an hour, a day, a week, and a month. This strengthens the neural pathways that allow you to recall the information.

Taking regular breaks
Study for 20 minutes and then break. This actually increases focus and memory. We remember the beginning and end of things with greater significance, so put in more beginnings and endings.

Vary your activity, using online revision sites, reading and active note making, and practicing exam questions.

Be creative
Make something in each 20 minute block - a mind map/key words/revision cards. Make images or cards to jog your memory: for example, on PowerPoint slides that you can scroll through on a device while waiting for friends or transport.

Time yourself
Start timing your written answers. Be realistic about what you can actually write in the time allocation. Learn to answer the question by planning your answers and being selective with the information you have.

Go multi-sensory
Cells that fire together, wire together. So use multi-sensory methods – walk and talk, add colour and pictures to visualise information, use gestures to help you recall concepts or facts, make things and verbalise what you have made.

Pass on the information
Teach someone else or pretend to teach someone else so you hear your own explanation.

Team up with a friend
Test yourself or a friend studying the same subject as you.

Look after yourself
Remember the golden rule of self-care. Look after yourself; if you revise in small chunks you can avoid that horrid guilty feeling when you are trying to have some rest.

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