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The Meridian School • Garden Walk • Royston • Hertfordshire • SG8 7JH

tel: 01763 242236      email: office.meridian@rsat.org.uk




Gifted & Talented

High Achievers

Meridian recognises that success is often borne of nurturing and developing talent. It comes from a combination of ability, application and ambition – with a key ingredient provided by the school ‘opportunity’.

Music Science

Hence, the school recognises academic ability and encourages external providers to come in to school, or alternatively our students to visit them. In January 2013, year 10 students attended a Challenge Day, hosted by Cambridge University. Local universities are very involved with the school. Students considered to be ‘high achievers’ upon entry to the school are placed on specific programmes to develop their talents. Whilst these are generally academic in nature, we do recognise that talent takes many forms.

High achievers may be found in specific subject areas and all school departments provide a facility for meeting this need. Talented athletes attend County trials, musicians play in County ensembles, our actors are encourages to follow LAMDA courses.

In terms of application of talent, there can be no finer examples than the flourishing Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme which operates for students from years 9 – 13, or the annual drama productions which involve over 25% of the school – talented actors, musicians, lighting crew, set designers and producers – all developing key skills for their future lives.

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