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The Meridian School • Garden Walk • Royston • Hertfordshire • SG8 7JH

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Religious Studies

We challenge pupils to reflect on, consider, analyse, interpret and evaluate issues of truth, belief, faith and ethics.

We aid the development of student’s awareness, knowledge and understanding of religious and non-religious traditions. We also aim to enhance their own development by: reflecting on their own beliefs, values and experiences in their study and expressing their own personal viewpoints in a thoughtful, reasoned and considerate way.

The Religious Studies department also is responsible for two school trips. Bhaktivedanta Manor in Hertfordshire is one fun-filled trip to a place of meditation donated by George Harrison from the Beatles. We also facilitate a trip to the Indian sub-continent to further enhance the student experience during their time at Meridian School.

Year 9 Curriculum

Autumn Term

An Introduction to Religious Studies, Philosophy and Theology (1-week study)

Christianity (6-week study)

  • What are the basic beliefs?
  • Does a classical theistic God exist?
  • Has the Bible been impactful in the way people see the world?
  • How does the theory of an incarnation work?

Hinduism (6-week study)

  • What are the basic beliefs?
  • How can there simultaneously be one God and many gods?
  • What does the word “yoga” mean to Hindus?
  • Why are so many Hindus vegetarian or vegan?
  • How do Hindus worship? – Trip to the Bhaktivedanta Manor

Spring Term

Islam (6-week study):

  • What are the basic beliefs?
  • How can there be an unseen God?
  • How has the media represented religion today?
  • How have some people misinterpreted scripture?

Human Rights (6-week study):

  • What are Human Rights? Where do they come from?
  • In what ways can they be abused?
  • What charities work to maintain Human Rights?
  • How do religious ideas coincide with Human Rights?

Summer Term

Further study of Issues of Human Rights for EDUQAS GCSE Religious Studies Spec A – Component 1

Key Stage 4 Year 10-11 (2017/18)

Year 10

Year 10 will comprise of the study of Component 1: Religious, Philosophical and Ethical Studies in the Modern World.
Written Examination: 2 hours
50% of qualification
Students will study the following four themes. All questions are compulsory.

  • Autumn Term 1: Issues of Relationships
  • Autumn Term 2: Issues of Life and Death
  • Spring Term 3: Issues of Good and Evil
  • Spring Term 4: Issues of Human Rights

This component will be assessed by compulsory questions focusing on knowledge, understanding and evaluation of the identified themes.

Year 11

Students will study component 2 and 3 in year 11 comprising of the academic study of two major religions.

Autumn Term:

Component 3: Study of World Faith
Written Examination: 1 hour
25% of qualification
Students will study the beliefs, teachings and practices of one world faith – Hinduism

Spring Term:

Component 2: Study of Christianity
Written Examination: 1 hour
25% of qualification
Students will study the beliefs, teachings and practices of Christianity.


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