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The Meridian School • Garden Walk • Royston • Hertfordshire • SG8 7JH

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Year 9

Autumn Term : The Lettering Project.

L/O Using lettering to show something about your Identity . This is a first project for students joining the Meridian school Art Department in September. The project references Andy Warhol and contemporary Lettering Artist Mira Schendel. They develop experimental work in a range of two and three dimensional media


Spring Term: Portraiture Project

Students  learn to draw individual features of the face and facial proportions before developing a self portrait first in pencil and then in paint. They reference Artists such as Matisse and Chris Offili to inspire their painting.


Summer Term

Observational drawing.

Students work from pictures of insects and real stuffed birds to practice their skills in recording from direct observation, producing work in two or three dimensions.


Year 10 GCSE

Autumn Term

Structures project: Visit to The Wimpole estate. Investigation of man made and natural structures through observation drawing and the use of photography becomes the starting point for experimentation and development of ideas into an individual final piece.

Spring Term

Identity Project

Continuing on from the year 9 projects on Identity and Portraiture students develop work in more depth on this theme.Drawing from observation in depth research into Artists work and experimentation with a wide range of two and three dimensional media form the basis for this term's work.

Summer Term

Visit to the Fitzwilliam museum.

Students are guided through their development of individual projects on Identity. They produce the final piece for their projects in exam conditions in June.


Year 11 GCSE

Autumn Term

Students complete half a term's work completing directed work on Structure and complete their last coursework project. The final piece for this project is produced is done in the mock exams in January

Spring  Term

The externally set assignment is completed and examined after Easter in the final exam.

Summer Term

Final exam

Students are allowed to complete any unfinished pieces in the remaining time before the examination period.



Year 12

Autumn Term

Portrait & self Portrait project: Students complete a spider diagram of the key components of this genre in Art such as Expression, ageing etc. and form an investigation using observational skills and a wide range of two and three dimensional media.


Spring Term

Exam Final piece completed for Portraiture and completion of this work.

Relationships: This is a personal investigation; students are guided as they develop their own ideas linked to the 4 assessment objectives on this theme


Summer Term

Completion of the Relationships theme. A final piece completed in an exam. All work to be presented in a portfolio and in a display at the end of term.

Introduction of year 13 course.


Year 13

Autumn term

Students produce a personal investigation guided by their teachers. This includes an extended essay on the area of their choice.

Spring Term

Mock exam: The final piece for coursework is completed

Introduction of the ESA. This exam paper forms the basis for work for the remainder of the school year.

Summer Term

Final exam in June

Students put up an exhibition of work for examination and moderation.



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